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Pandora's Box

May. 19th, 2009 | 03:01 pm

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who isn't willing to pay money for an entire album, or even just one song and doesn't want to download illegally. I'm the type of person that will have those "song of the week" playing over and over but once I'm sick of it I cast it aside for weeks, months, sometimes years. And so, buying songs will just be a waste of money.

But with our lovely technology, there are ways to listen to music or music playlists online for free. One of the older, yet still widely used, is Imeem.com

It's like the facebook of music where everyone makes music playlists that when you search for a specific song or genre, their playlist will pop up and you can pick from a variety of playlists to listen to. What is cool is that you make your own playlist and can control what songs you want and don't want.

I used to use it but I found it a hassle, trying to find a genre of music but coming up with playlists that sometimes aren't even part of that genre.

That's why I went back to pandora.com Pandora is different in a way that it will make the playlist for you depending on what type of music you want! It is easier to navigate, use, and create than imeem. I discovered Pandora a loooong time ago and I never realized how popular it was until I went to a computer lab and I saw practically everyone on pandora.com.

The only thing that I don't like is that you are only allowed to skip 5 songs every hour - but what makes up for it is that you can dislike a song in a playlist and it will delete other songs similar to it as well. Even though they create the playlist for you, you can still add specific artists or songs to that playlist. It's hassle-free unlike Imeem which I like.

If you haven't tried pandora.com yet, you totally should.

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The Same Old Same Old Music

May. 17th, 2009 | 01:02 pm

 I spent the last week in Portland staying with family because I won't be coming back home this summer. This week long festivity included multiple car rides listening to the radio, trying to pass time before getting to our next destination. I rarely listen to the radio and when I do it's only for a five minute drive to the supermarket here in Mac. The long car rides this past week made me realize that despite the multiple radio stations, they all seem to play the same songs over and over and over and over and over again!

I recently made a journal entry about Lady Gaga's phenomanal orginiality but I don't want to hear "Poker Face" or anything about her bliffing with her muffin for a couple of weeks because everytime I got into the car, I would hear her song play at least twice,. Twice in a 20 minute drive... It gets insanely irritating. This makes me wonder how artists can go around singing the same song over and over again in venues to advertise their new single. I heard a "screamo" version of Poker Face that Gaga did at one of the daily live shows and no wonder she changes up her single a lot - it must get boring to sing or even hear the same song so many times a day. 

Continuing this week long adventure with my family - I realized that I miss Filipino music: Not traditional Filipino music but Filipino rock, pop, and even hip hop musc. There are a lot of talented Filipino musicians out there. Like in an earlier blog, the new frontman of Journey is Filipino, the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls is half-Filipino, even Vanessa Hudgens is Filipino, the guitarist of Metallica is Filipino. 

There's something different about me when I listen to Filipino music, I think. Maybe a sense of Philippine pride overcomes me, or how it is different from American music. I will definitely miss Filipino Music...but I wouldn't miss Poker Face or any of Flo-Rida's singles.

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Going Gaga over Gaga

May. 8th, 2009 | 10:22 pm

Platinum straighter-than-a-ruler blonde hair, 80s/future inspired wardrobe, and the crazy make-up is the physical appearance of Lady Gaga...for now that is.

Her ever-evolving fashion style, which some people may consider freakish and even the "WTF does she think she's doing?" fashion, is what makes her stand out and become mainstream. Her passion to be true to what she wants to be made her become number one in a lot of countries including the United States with hits like Just Dance and Poker Face.

Her sound right now is a mixture of vocal strength and techno force. And because of the digitized feel of her music, people critisize that she may not even be able to sing or may even lip sync her songs live. As a retort and comeback, she made an amazing and completely different rendition of the techno "Poker Face" into something with just her voice, witty melody, and piano background. Check it out!

It is truly amazing and shows what talent Gaga has not just in fashion sense, but in lyrics, voice, and melody. She is what I'd like to call a true musician - not just an artist or a performer, but a musician.

Props to Lady Gaga!

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Global Music

Apr. 30th, 2009 | 09:42 pm

Certain planes have music channels that you can pick and listen to. Some airplanes even have a "make your own playlist" option (Woot woot NWA!).

What I always noticed though that flying to the States, they'll have an "International Music" or "Global Music" Channel. And everytime I look up the music, it's always the songs you'll hear that are classical yet outdated for the 21st century. It's music that you'd hear at traditional fairs and such. And I feel like this also gives a negative stereotype of people in other cultures such as Asian cultures because people may assume that that is the kind of music that we listen to all day long, everyday (which may be the case for some people but I have yet to meet someone like that).

It's stereotypical in a way, and maybe I'm just being biased because I want to hear something updated and hip and "young" I guess on the channel. Yes, they do have the "Japanese" or "Chinese" Channel if you're flying to specific places but those aren't the only countries out there and I wish there was a channel that places top 40 music from all over the world - not just from the US.

What made me think of this is that the International Club of Linfield College just hosted the Annual Cultural Show just this Wednesday (in which I was the MC :P). And a lot of the students sang songs from all generations - back from the 90s all the way to even the Song dynasty of China. We had a range of songs and dances that mixed the old with the new which I loved.

I just love culture in general especially listening to their music and how it may or may not be similar to what I would listen to and the music of my own culture.

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It's funny...

Apr. 22nd, 2009 | 02:16 pm

I definitely know when a song, but more importantly, it's music video is so popular that the artists are brave enough to make a 'sequel' to the first song and video.

I'm not a very big fan of country but Rascal Flatt's song "What Hurts The Most" sort of grew on me in a sad, emo, dramatic way. The video, I think, was very well made too and was a movie wrapped into a 4 minute song but the viewer will get the gist of it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch the link, but the sparknotes version is boy and girl love each other, father disapproves, boy dies, girl is sad. It's very Romeo and Juliet minus Juliet killing herself and Romeo actually wanting to die.

Anyway, the sequel is to the song "Here Comes Goodbye", another well made video. The videography was great but the song isn't, and won't be, as popular as 'What Hurts The Most' and the plot to the mini-movie was confusing as well. I love how youtubers can leave their opinions and comments at the bottom; I generally don't read the comments just because of the really useless comments that have no relation to the actual video. But this one had a bunch of people trying to figure out what the video meant. So the boy died, the girl was pregnant and had a son, and then the father dies at the end? Ok, pretty understandable but the dialog in the video just confused it even more...So they buried the father next to the boy but then you see the little boy with the dead father at the end of the video? Or is the little boy with the dead boy (or his own father)? Or maybe the little boy died...?

As you can see from my ramblings, I still don't get the video...if you think you know, hit me up.

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It's Britney, B****.

Apr. 15th, 2009 | 08:22 pm

So Britney is definitely back. I don't even need to say her last name for you to know who I'm talking about. I've noticed there's a love/hate relationship with Britney and the fans/haters. Everyone has to admit, she's been in the spotlight for so long from such a young age that, yes, someone like her would end up in some sort of personal problems. But dayum! She's got it going on.

She has the personality, the drive, the commitment to be at the top. I don't know who said it but I truly agree with the statement that Britney is not an artist, but an entertainer and a performer. So she lip syncs, Madonna lip syncs too but no one pays attention to that. Britney kissed Madonna, but Christina Aguilera kissed her too yet tabloids paid much more attention to the Britney and Madonna kiss. If I was Christina, I'd be mad that I didn't get the same attention. Britney's strength is her charismatic and sexy aura when she is on stage.
Hey! Where's Christina in this pic?!

Everytime I watch her on stage, she captivates my attention; she knows how to move her body, how to catch her viewer's attention and hey! She's managed to sell out all her concerts, so that says something as well.

I have to admit it, I'm a fan of Britney Spears. Her songs are so catchy they just get stuck in your head for the longest time. And even when you've listened to it for too long, I still want to listen to it. I don't think that I know someone that can't say she - or he - hasn't been addicted to a Britney song whether it was annoyingly stuck in their head or because they loved it. Heck, she looked pretty even when she "gained" weight. But weight or not, she is a sex symbol for mass culture. She knows how to play with the camera, the audience by using her personality. The sex symbol of pop culture should have grown out of her 16 year old 'innocent' look as well. I'm a bit annoyed at people who, to this day, still bring up how innocent and young she was in the beginning. Well of course she looked young; she was young!

Britney at the tender age of 16

Another Rolling Stone cover featuring Britney Spears

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Mar. 20th, 2009 | 10:22 am

I've always been fascinated with the Happy Birthday tune and how even if it is translated to a different language, it still holds the same tune.

In Tagalog, it's Maligayang Bati, which is a mouthful yet still holds the tune. I like the Filipino version though because it changes the tempo of the song but holds the same tune.

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We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.

Mar. 15th, 2009 | 12:36 pm
music: "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz

If you haven't heard of musician Jason Mraz, then you're either living under a rock or don't listen to music.

I call him a musician because one of the talented few out there in the ranks like John Mayer that make their own catchy lyrics, sing soulfully, and play an instrument as if they were born with it. Jason is also one of the few who actually sound better LIVE than on their pre-recorded albums.

I've had the opportunity to see him three times live - yes, I would pay multiple times to see him perform live - and he is truly a born genius when it comes to music. Just reading his online journals on his website - I always think, "Where does he come up with these things????" He's got a way with words which is why in his sophomore album, Mr. A-Z, he has a song called Wordplay. If you check out the link to Wordplay, it's completely different in a good way to the pre-recorded version. Do you also get the wordplay on his album title? Mr. A-Z and his last name is Mraz. He's witty. I love it.

He's amazing at scatting as well...randomly...he can make things up on the spot and it won't suck either.

He recently came out with a new album entitled "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things." which I think is another hit and something everyone should go get and not illegally download. Trust me, it's worth the money.

Jason Mraz's new album

I find it funny how he became super popular on radios and hit charts through the song "I'm Yours" when it only officially came out on his latest album but he's been playing it during shows for years now. It goes to show how popular he is. Sometimes, I don't like artists going mainstream because they might 'sell out' or people might not fully appreciate the music but he's one person who I'm proud to have gotten so well-known. His originality and talent must be celebrated.


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A Very Late Valentine's Day

Mar. 3rd, 2009 | 05:58 pm

There are times where cheessy 90s love songs come in handy - bad break-ups, valentine's day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, missing someone or even when daydreaming about that perfect person for you. I will admit that I've listened to these songs - you know what songs I'm talking about, so don't try and deny it.

But there are some lovey dovey songs I like even though it may not seem like it. Why? Because they'll be based under the rock genre sung by rock bands. This entry is dedicated to some of my favorite love rock songs (in no specific order)

Until The Day I Die - Story of the Year

Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold

Calling You - Blue October

Promise - Matchbook Romance

I Caught Fire -
The Used

All Around Me -

My Last Serenade - Killswitch Engage

The Best Thing - Relient K

Everything - Lifehouse

If anything in this list though, I'd suggest everyone listen to the music of Relient K. Yes, they are a 'Christian' rock band but that doesn't mean they don't make rad music - don't worry, they don't preach about God.

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A New Journey

Feb. 23rd, 2009 | 04:02 pm

Sometimes I feel as if developing nations are captured in a certain way and that's what everyone will think every time they think of the country. I'm proud to be a Filipino but it angers me so much when I get stupid questions like: "Do you have cities? Or do you guys just live in huts or something?" "Do you drive cars there?" My older sister even got asked if we had water back home.

The thing is we are now living in the 21st century - with the help of technology and the spread of ideas and thoughts throughout the world, we have been able to develop just as any other country has - third world or not third world. So yes, we do have cities, we have electricity, some people still live in huts but only in the rural areas, we drive cars, we have water - even bottled mineral water - and we even have a great music scene with very talented Filipino musicians.

Along this note, the legendary American rock band, Journey, recently launched a new world tour starting off in Chile with a new frontman, Arnel Pineda. Now, the reason why I brought this up is because Pineda is 100% Filipino and born-and-raised in the Philippines. It's a triumphant story for Pineda: frontman for a coverband, The Zoo, who's performance was found online on youtube by Journey member Neal Schon. Journey has some hit songs that are still popular today: Open Arms, Anyway You Want It, Don't Stop Believing, etc.

1. Filipino Pride!

2. Pineda's story of success shows how media today can affect our lives so much - without the internet and without youtube, Pineda may have never been discovered. So many people are being discovered through the internet by youtube or even myspace and people are getting record contract left and right. I think the major breakthrough for bands and artists is myspace where they can post up their music and find people who are willing to listen to it, start a fan base, start doing shows, and start becoming well-known.

I've been hearing news about Pineda being confronted with racial discrimination for being in the band from fans and non-fans. But if you look at the history of the band members, they have had a multi-racial band; former drummer Aynsley Dunbar is British and even former bass player Randy Jackson is African-American. People focus way too much on little things like the color of skin when they should be listening to the music, creating new friends, disintegrating the wall of racial discrimination in society.

Center: Arnel Pineda of Journey
 (Click on the pic to go to a youtube video performance)

Manila, Philippines
My hometown: Manila, Philippines


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